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Digital Marketing Positions Your Business

Digital marketing is a multi pronged approach that works to position your company in front of your target audience. By learning about your brand, messaging, services and products we can begin to shape and develop a strategic Digital Marketing strategy that will effectively drive your objective  to your target audience.  This is accomplished utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Newsletter Email Campaigns, Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) and Conversion strategies.

Can your customer afford not to do business with you?  It is obvious to you why your customer should do business with you, but how do you educate them to that fact.  We will work with your company to design a custom digital marketing strategy that includes the following:

  • Understand and communicate your brand
  • Learn your segments and target audience and their pain points
  • Determine the best approach and marketing channels
  • Align this information with your business goals and how your brand can reinforce your strategy

We want to passionately create a buzz around your organization and educate your target audience that you have got what they need.

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AJHCreate Digital Marketing

A beautiful well-designed website is just the beginning.  Your website needs to reach your target audience and draw them in.  This is a process that changes over time as the major search engines continually refine their criteria to help websites receive more desirable traffic.  

Our team will meticulously research relevant keywords (search terms) for your business and industry utilizing your insight along with in-depth evaluation of your competitors in your space to ensure you stay one step ahead.  We will then thoroughly comb your site to fully optimize each page using best practices to help encourage search engines to discover and recognize each page.  Through the continual refinement of this process, you will see better results over time as your website naturally rises through the search rankings.

We are a part of your team.  We will make sure you know where we are every step of the way with continual reports on how we are doing and what steps we are taking to ensure a rising in your rankings.  You will never feel as if you are in the dark when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.  As a part of your team, it is our duty to make sure that we perform to the absolute highest standards, which is why we never lock you into long-term contracts.


Organic search drives 51% of all organic traffic to B2B and B2C websites – MediaPost


Blogs have 63% more influence over purchasing decisions than the newspaper. – Hubspot

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Strategic, targeted, and results driven

When you are needing that extra marketing push to reach certain goals or to target your market through seasonal marketing strategies, PPC is a vital part of your marketing campaign.  We will analyze each keyword for competitiveness, frequency of search, and relevancy.  Our in-depth analysis includes a thorough understanding of your business model, the per-click costs of acquiring a new customer, and to determine if a PPC campaign is right for your company.  If a PPC campaign makes sense, we will help you determine a budget for your Google Adword campaign that is cost-effective for your business.  

As changes arise in the industry, we will continually monitor the performance of your ads and continually refine each ad in order to achieve a higher ROI.  A PPC campaign is not something you set up and let run on its own, it requires constant monitoring and modification to continually adjust to a changing search market.

We are your partner.  We are your marketing branch.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service and will continually prove you’ve made the right choice in AJH Creative & Design.  This is why we will never lock you into long-term contracts.  A partnership has to make sense at all times for both parties to be successful.

Digital Marketing


Inbound practices produces 54% more leads than your traditional outbound marketing
– SensibleMarketing


Organic search drives 51% of all organic traffic to B2B and B2C websites – MediaPost

Digital Marketing

Our Toolbox of tactics, strategies, and hacks to deliver success:


After an extensive interview with you and your team, we will work to gather specific details about your business and your customer base, to get a deep understanding that will allow us to create a custom digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Analysis


Through the course of your marketing strategy we will keep a close eye on the  analytics and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing the power of social media to boost your brand awareness and deliver refined content will help to connect with your segment on a personal and organic level. We can design a strategy that embraces your brand and business goals.

Digital Marketing Optimized Content


Our professional writers will create well optimized content that is designed to target your audience, appeal to their pain points, and educate them about your products and services.

Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is a multi pronged approach designed to help your website deliver value and let your end user know that you exist. We will refine your website to improve the effectiveness of the content and the visibility.

Digital Market Pay Per Clicks

Pay Per Click

Through a well designed Pay Per Click campaign we can quickly target your end user using refined laser focused ads, optimized keywords, and properly designed landing pages.